David Hoffos

Japanese Cooking

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Japanese Cooking is comprised of eight 10" x 12" x 2.5" shadow boxes in a custom-made packing crate. Each hand-altered pop-up digital colour print is mounted behind a magnifying lens in a solid oak shadow box, ready to hang on the wall. The edition of ten portfolios was launched in 2005, with production scheduled for completion in 2006.

Hoffos' whimsical buffet of Japanese Cooking is marked by a convergence of the artist's interests in stereo photography, lenticular postcards, pop-up

cut-outs and - of course - vintage cookbook illustration. Like much of his installation work, the works create primitive, momentary 3D illusions. The found images are carefully manipulated by hand - cut, bent, folded, propped up - to create an appearance of dimensionality from a 2D source, an effect enhanced by the magnifying lens. The technique used is similar to the traditional craft of paper tolle. His choice of subject is no accident: the artist states, "Japanese Cooking is all about visual appeal and presentation - simple ingredients prepared with craft and care."

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