Geoffrey James

La Campagna Romana

Status: Sold Out

La Campagna Romana is comprised of ten gelatin silver contact prints on AZO paper mounted in 12" x 20" overmants. Published in 1991, the portfolio is an edition of twelve. The images have been selected from the artist’s book of the same name published by Editions Galerie Rene Blouin.

La Campagna Romana presents a journey through the Roman countryside via a lyrical documentation of architecture and cultivated landscape. For many years, Geoffrey James has been photographing park and garden scenes with a 1920’s Kodak Panoramic camera. He has said that "the panoramic shape comes closer to the horopter of human vision, more closely duplicating our

peripheral sense of inhabiting space." James considers his detailed studies of specific landscapes as acts of conservation and commemoration: "More than other works of art, gardens are vulnerable to the passage of time, victims not only of the encroachments of nature but the caprices of fashion and premises of speculation." Based in Montreal, Geoffrey James has exhibited widely.

In 2002, he was awarded both the prestigious Gershon Iskowitz Prize and the Rolloff Beny Prize.

This portfolio is sold out.

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